HobbyKing Prime Jet Pro - Glue-N-Go Series - Foamboard Kit (Green/Purple)

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HobbyKing Prime Jet Pro - Glue-N-Go Series - Foamboard Kit (Green/Purple)

Introducing the Glue-N-Go series of foamboard kits. Easy to fly, easy to assemble, and exceptional value! Unlike cheap paperbacked foamboard, our foamboard has no paper, is not brittle and impervious to water.

Made from a foamboard material this cool looking canard design just begs to be flown fast and hard.  Coupled with the right power plant the Glue-N-Go series have an exceptionally wide flight envelope.

CNC cut for a perfect fit of parts during construction, the Prime Jet goes together quickly and easily.

Available in two colour schemes, this is the perfect machine to throw it in your car as a "backup" model when you're heading off to the field for the day or for just those times when you feel like tearing up some sky.     

Length: 560mm
Weight: 150g 

Requires: (Recommended)
Motor: 2208 - 2216size   2000-2600kv
ESC: 20-40A
Servos: 9g x 2
Prop: 5-6 inch
Battery: 1300 - 2200mah 3S 

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