HobbyKing Mad Bird - Glue-N-Go Series - EPP Kit

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HobbyKing Mad Bird - Glue-N-Go Series - EPP Kit

Don't get angry, get mad!  Have some great fun in the park or at your club with this fantastic Mad Bird model.  Made from tough printed EPP foam it is virtually indestructible and has been laser cut for quick and precise assembly.

Supplied with carbon fiber reinforcing, metal push rods and a wood motor mount, all it needs is some servos, a motor, esc, your receiver and a 3S battery pack to get this foam feathered friend airborne and instead of being mad, it will be smiles all round!  

Length: 690mm
Weight: 160g 

Requires: (Recommended)
Motor: 2208 - 2212size   1400 - 2600kv
ESC: 20-40A
Servos: 9g x 3
Prop: 5-8 inch
Battery: 1000 - 1500mah 3S


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