A380 Airbus R/C Plane EPO Plug-n-Fly (1520mm)

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A380 Airbus R/C Plane EPO Plug-n-Fly (1520mm) A380 Airbus R/C Plane EPO Plug-n-Fly (1520mm) HobbyKing Out Of Stock $296.35
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The A380 is the largest EPO model you will ever see and with a wingspan of 1520mm and 4 x 56mm ducted fans it is sure to make an impression at any airfield!
Despite it's size, the A380 is very light and economical to fly, only requiring a 3000mAh 3S battery.
This huge A380 (EPO) model aircraft comes 95% pre-built and includes a powerful 4 x 25A brushless EDF system and steerable nose wheel, just include your own Tx/Rx and battery.

Length: 1410mm (55.51in)
Wing span: 1520mm (59.84in)
Flying weight: 1800g
Motor: 2826 Brushless outrunner (3200KV)
ESC: 4 x 25A
Servo: 9g * 5pcs
Battery: 3000~5000mAh 3S1P 45C~65C Lipoly Pack (Required) 
EDF Diameter: 4 x 56mm
Your own TX & RX (with V-type mixing)
11.1V 3000mah 20C Lipo battery
Special shipping considerations;
-Sorry, we cannot ship this item to USA. It is too large.

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