Turnigy CA80 160kv Brushless Outrunner (50~80cc Eq)

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Turnigy CA80 160kv Brushless Outrunner (50~80cc Eq)
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Turnigy CA80 160kv Brushless Outrunner (50~80cc Eq) Turnigy CA80 160kv Brushless Outrunner (50~80cc Eq) HobbyKing Out Of Stock $194.42
1.92 kg
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Designed as a 50 to 80cc gas engine replacement, this motor is a direct bolt in for 17~30lb Sport, Scale and 3D planes. A perfect size motor for


A perfect size motor for 3D flight up to 20lbs. The motor is very well built with strong mounts, end bell and concentric double bearings at the rear to support large propellers and rotating can, especially during hard 3D flight.


This motor is very well engineered and of the highest quality.
The factory can produce only a limited number of these motors per month due to the increased time in balancing and machining such a large object.

Model: 80-80-10
Resistance: 0.011ohm
ESC Required: 200A
Input Voltage : 30~50V 
Kv : 160 rpm/V 
Weight: 1545g
Shaft: 8mm
Non Load Current: 6.0A at 20V
Dimensions: 152x133x81mm (Including Mount)
Equivalent: 50-80cc Gas Engine
Pole Count: 26

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