Diatone Tyrant 215 FPV Racing Drone - Black (Frame Kit)

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Diatone Tyrant 215 FPV Racing Drone - Black (Frame Kit)
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Diatone Tyrant 215 FPV Racing Drone - Black (Frame Kit) Diatone Tyrant 215 FPV Racing Drone - Black (Frame Kit) Europe HobbyKing Out Of Stock $68.99
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Want to rule the drone racing world?  Then let Diatone Innovations help you get there with the Tyrant!  A new approach to racing drone design that delivers superb performance across three racing classes.

Available in 150, 180 and 215 size frame kits the Tyrants are all manufactured from super strong carbon fiber composite material featuring a 4mm thick, machined carbon-fiber, one-piece main frame that is almost indestructible. All kits come with an integrated PDB (with Mini V2 5V 2A BEC) that fits in the super tough frame, reducing overall weight, improving robustness and making maintenance much easier.

All you need to do is add your chosen flight controller, ESCs, motors, propellers, battery and receiver to provide all the power you want. You will also need to add your chosen video gear to make it into an excellent FPV racer.

The Diatone Tyrant 215 frame kit provides an excellent platform for your FPV racer.

Material: Carbon Fiber
Upper board: 2mm
Lower board: 4mm
Height: 52mm
Motor mount bolt holes: 12/16/19mm
Recommend: (not included in kit)
Propeller: 5inch
Motor: 2204/2206 
ESC: 15-20A
Flight controller: Diatone Naze32 Rev6(B)6DF
Camera: DIATONE 600 TVL Mini Camera
Battery: 3~4S (11.1~14.8V) 1300~2200mAh LiPoly Battery 

1 x Tyrant 215 Carbon Fiber Frame Kit (Includes integrated PDB)
4 x 2206 Motor Protection/Landing Gear
1 x Cable set
1 x Mini camera mount

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