Fokker E.III Eindecker WW1 Fighter Laser Cut Balsa Kit 1520mm (60")

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Fokker E.III Eindecker WW1 Fighter Laser Cut Balsa Kit 1520mm (60
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Fokker E.III Eindecker WW1 Fighter Laser Cut Balsa Kit 1520mm (60 Fokker E.III Eindecker WW1 Fighter Laser Cut Balsa Kit 1520mm (60") Europe HobbyKing Out Of Stock $141.60
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The Fokker scourge was extremely feared during the early days of world war one and the Fokker E.III was the legend behind the terror.
With its single machine gun firing through the propeller arc, it was the first ever airplane to have this ingenious mechanically synchronized weapon of warfare. Praying on the unarmed and slower spotter aircraft of the British armed forces and using its agile maneuverability and newly designed gun the Eindekker scored many kills over the western front. As the war years went on and aircraft technology developed and advanced the Fokker E.III Eindekker become obsolete and the Fokker scourge was no more.

Our model captures the true spirit of the early WW1 Fokker Eindekker, It has an open framework structure built from quality balsa and hardwoods, a fiberglass cowl and plastic engine covers, a dummy rotary engine and of course the machine gun. For ease of construction, all the parts are beautifully laser cut and are extremely accurate which will allow you to build the perfect model. To complete the contents of this superb kit are a pair of vintage aircraft wheels, pre-bent and drilled aluminum wing struts and U/C legs, carbon tube wing spars and joiners plus a comprehensive hardware pack that includes rigging wire, nuts and bolts, servo horns, rods and connectors etc.

The Fokker E.III has been designed to use either a 35 or 42mm brushless outrunner motor producing 500~600 watts on a 5~6 cell Lipo battery with a 40~60A electronic speed controller. Swinging a 12~14 inch propeller and standard size servos are adequate for all the control surfaces.

Overall this is a fantastic kit and due to its ease of construction, it is perfect for the seasoned builder or those with limited building experience. Once finished in an authentic textured covering such as antique Solartex and the addition of scale accessories such as a pilot and weathering this bad little Fokker will really look the part and will turn many heads attacking the British and her allies at your local flying field or RC flying club.

• Laser cut parts for accuracy and ease of construction
• Carbon spars and wing tubes
• Glass fiber radial cowl
• Plastic molded engine covers
• Authentic rigging wires
• Comprehensive hardware pack


Wingspan: 1520mm
Fuselage Length: 1170mm
Flying Weight: 2700~3000g
Motor: 3530~4250 or gas/nitro equivalent
ESC: 40~60A suitable for up to 6S
Propeller: 12~15 inch
Battery: 2600~3000mah 5~6S


1 x 3530~4250 Brushless outrunner motor or gas/nitro equivalent
1 x 40~60A 6S electronic speed controller
4 x 17~40g servos (5 required if using gas/nitro engine)
1 x 12 or 15-inch propeller
1 x 2600~3000mah 5~6S LiPo battery
Textured covering material
Assorted glues
Assorted hand tools


See under the "Files" tab for a copy of the manual.

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