SBD Dauntless EP-GP 1540mm (60.6") (ARF)

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SBD Dauntless EP-GP 1540mm (60.6
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SBD Dauntless EP-GP 1540mm (60.6 SBD Dauntless EP-GP 1540mm (60.6") (ARF) HobbyKing Out Of Stock $209.48
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Small and compact, the US Navy Scout Bombers went against the trend and did not use folding wings common in planes of the era. This saved weight and removed weak points to keep the aircraft stable while dive bombing. The SBD stands for Scout Bomber Douglas, named after Donald Douglas, the founder of Douglas Aircraft Company (DAC) who navigating engineering manufacture through the 1930s.

The SBD Dauntless used innovative dive brakes with a perforated split allowing them to also function as flaps during take off and landing. When fully extended, the split flaps allowed the plane to dive at an angle of up to 80° with a terminal velocity of around 250 knots. Used as a naval scout and dive bomber, the Dauntless could hit a moving ship or ground target easily.

Relive history with this radio-controlled plane that's almost ready to fly (ARF). The SBD Dauntless is ideal as your 2nd or 3rd hobby plane, allowing you to choose between a nitro or electric powered engine. The unique design uses split flaps and comes with pre-installed servoless retracts with Oleo legs.

Made of lightweight balsa and plywood, the Scout Bomber features a fibreglass cowling, printed PVC covering and detachable wings for easy transportation. The detailed model allows you to create a detailed cockpit interior and includes two pre-painted pilots with machine guns. Use the included decals to complete the SBD-5 Dauntless design and prepare for take off.

• Almost Ready to Fly - Complete final assembly, install your choice of electronics and power system
• Made of lightweight balsa and plywood
• Choose between a nitro or electric powered engine
• Detachable wings for easy transportation
• Pre-installed servoless retracts with Oleo legs
• Create the detailed interior of a cockpit, including dials and interfaces
• Pre-painted pilots with machine guns
• Large scale battery-hatch for easy access
• Functional ailerons, elevator, rudder, throttle, flaps, retractable landing gear 

Wingspan: 1540mm (61")
Length: 1060mm
RFT Weight: 3.2kg

7-8 channels
Propeller: 11x6 (for two-stroke engine) or 12x7 (for four-stroke engine)
Servo: Elevator/Rudder (41mm); Aileron (41x21x23); Flaps (31mm); Middle Flap (12x30x30)
Battery: 4.8v  NiMH AA 2500mAh or 11.1v Lipo 4000mAh
Electric Motor: 700-800 Watts brushless motor
Glow Engine: .46 2-T or .70 4T
Servos Extension: 50cm (x4), 30cm (x2), 20cm (x1)

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