H-King SU-27 - Glue-N-Go - Foamboard Kit

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H-King SU-27 - Glue-N-Go - Foamboard Kit
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H-King SU-27 - Glue-N-Go - Foamboard Kit H-King SU-27 - Glue-N-Go - Foamboard Kit Europe HobbyKing Out Of Stock $28.54
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The H-King range of Glue-N-Go foamboard kits makes for flying fun with a huge range of different planes (and other flying objects). They are easy to assemble, easy to fly and exceptional value!


One of the classic later generation Russian fighter jets is the Sukhoi Su-27. It is legendary for the “cobra” maneuver. This fighter is very maneuverable and you should have hours of fun trying to emulate its moves.


The Su-27 is made from foamboard and it has been laser cut for precision assembly and is supplied with carbon fiber reinforcing, metal push rods and a plastic motor mount. All it requires is a 2208 to 2216 (2000 to 1600KV) brushless motor, 20-40A ESC, 6” propeller, 9g servos and 1300 to 2200mAh 3S lipo battery. This is a great scale looking plane.


You’ll have heaps of fun chasing the Su-27 around the sky.


• Kit version - Assembly and install your choice of electronics
• All hardware accessories included in kit
• Requires all electronics (motor, esc, servos, propeller, battery, radio gear)
• 5mm laser cut foamboard with realistic printing
• Stable flyer
• Simple to build, full-color instructions included
• Carbon fiber reinforced
• Scale look


Length: 900mm
Wingspan: 650mm


Requires (Recommended):
1 x 2208 – 2212 - 2216 2000KV – 2600KV brushless motor
1 x 20-40A ESC
1 x 1300 - 2200mAh 3S LiPoly battery
1 x 5~6inch propeller
2 x 9g servos
1 x 4CH or more Radio TX and RX

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