SU-35 MkII Fighter Jet 735mm (29") EPO (KIT)

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SU-35 MkII Fighter Jet 735mm (29
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SU-35 MkII Fighter Jet 735mm (29 SU-35 MkII Fighter Jet 735mm (29") EPO (KIT) HobbyKing Out Of Stock $59.23
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This is a superb model of a Sukhoi SU-35 Jet Fighter. This SU-35 model is designed to be hand launch, lightweight, easy to fly and a lot of fun.

This plane requires assembly and is made of durable EPO foam. Carbon fiber spars are supplied and provide exceptional strength in those high G maneuvers. There is also a decal sheet to give that authentic look along with an instrument display panel.

The Kit version requires a 2212-2450KV brushless motor, 40A ESC, 12g servos (x2) and 6x4 propeller plus your radio / receiver system and Lipo battery. You’ll be flying in no time.

Length: 1050mm
Wingspan: 735mm

1 x 2212-2450KV Motor
1 x 40A ESC
1 x 6x4E Propeller
2 x 12g Servo
4~6 Channel Radio TX / RX
1300~2200 3S LiPo battery

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