H-King SkySword 1200mm Orange EDF Jet (ARF)

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H-King SkySword 1200mm Orange EDF Jet (ARF)
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H-King SkySword 1200mm Orange EDF Jet (ARF) H-King SkySword 1200mm Orange EDF Jet (ARF) HobbyKing Out Of Stock $233.53
5.1 kg
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Cut through the sky with the impressive looking H-King Skysword. Featuring stunning looks and impressive performance, the skysword comes in an ARF and PNP configuration with an array of quality components.

All of the hard work has been done for you with pre-applied decals and the wings are fitted with easy connect plugs so that it can be easily transported and reassembled at the field. The nose is also removable to protect it during transportation.

The large battery hatch features a unique spring-loaded clasp to speed up battery changes along with a foam pad and velcro strap the stop the battery moving around. The battery bay also has an inlet so that cooler air is circulated around the battery compartment. 

We suggest a 12 or 10 bladed fan for a very convincing and realistic jet engine woosh. The all-alloy tricycle landing gear is exceptionally well finished with no slop or movement in the landing gear (Sold Separately). The Skyword is also fitted with three white LED navigation lights for orientation in a landing approach, and sturdy ball-link controls for precision and high-end performance.  This plug-and-fly model also features a junction box to keep your avionics bay clear. 

• Wing plugs for easy connection
• Easy to build with bolt-together pieces
• Battery cooling tray to prevent overheating
• Large battery hatch with spring-loaded clasp
• Cheater vents for cooling and balance
• Retractable tricycle landing gear (Sold Separately) 
• Navigational lights for orientation

Wing Span: 1200mm
Fuselage Length: 1600mm
Flying Weight: 3200g

Flight Battery: 5000mAh 22.2V 6S Lipo
ESC: 100A with BEC
Motor: 35-36 1500KV
Servos: 12g Metal Gear
EDF: 10-12 Blade Unit
Metal Oleo Retracts

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