Monsoon Sailboat 1800mm (71") (Almost Ready To Sail)

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Monsoon Sailboat 1800mm (71
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Monsoon Sailboat 1800mm (71 Monsoon Sailboat 1800mm (71") (Almost Ready To Sail) HobbyKing Out Of Stock $200.43
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A beautifully crafted R/C sailboat, fully built and nearly ready to run. All required items are installed, including 3kg mainsail winch, steering servo and all rigging, sail and hardware. Once assembled all you need to do is add your own receiver and battery!


Boat hull is based entirely on an ocean going racing yacht and molded in fiberglass with a perfect Gelcoat and enamel painted finish.


Don't be mistaken in thinking these boats are slow and boring. In a stiff breeze, they can be extremely quick and rapidly perform turns and maneuvers, proving for very exciting sailing.


Once your boat is assembled you will be ready for some breathtaking sailing. Test your sailing skills now.


• Beautifully crafted sailboat with upgraded parts 
• Ready to sail with all equipment pre-installed
• Larger improved reinforced rudder
• Improved material with a hand-laid fiberglass hull
• High-quality Gelcoat and enamel painted finish
• High-quality nylon sails with reinforced corners
• Aluminum turnbuckles and sail holders and metal rigging wire for easy adjusting rigging trim
• Pre-installed 3kg winch servo
• Maneuverable, fast and fun to sail


Length: 900mm
Height: 1800mm (71")
Weight : 2500g
Area of Sails: 0.38m2
Ballast weight: 1.3kg
Draft from the waterline to bottom of keel: 360mm
Rig Height from the deck to the top of the mast: 1330mm


1 x 2ch transmitter and receiver
1 x Receiver battery.


Note: Please ensure you fill the keel ballast to 1.2kg or heavier. Lead shot, bearings or bolts/nuts will be sufficient. Keeping them in place with epoxy.

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